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Bujo Shortcuts Blue Whales

Bujo Shortcuts Blue Whales

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Introducing Tanya Rudman De Sousa's exquisite Watercolour Hand-Painted Stickers, an enchanting blend of artistry and functionality. Expertly designed by Tanya herself, these stickers are a testament to her impeccable artistic skill and unique creative vision.

Printed on either matte white or semi-clear sticker sheets, every piece displays vibrancy and photo-like quality, mirroring the intricate beauty of watercolours. The colours are radiant and stay true, creating an eye-catching impression whether used on journals, laptops, or any other surface.

Each order consists of a single sheet unless otherwise specified. The dimensions are perfect for any application, with each sheet measuring 11 by 17 centimetres. They are easily transportable and provide a generous assortment of designs.

Crafted at the highest quality, these stickers bring a personalized touch to any item. They make a great gift for the creatively inclined or a treat for yourself to enhance your artistic expression. With Tanya Rudman De Sousa's Watercolour Hand-Painted Stickers, you can make a statement that's both meaningful and visually captivating.

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